Thanks to the support of our Keynote Address partner, Syngenta, we're pleased to introduce the 2018 OTF Conference and Show keynote speaker, Paul Long.


Two grown men, cat wrestling singlets and a social experiment. Paul Long leveraged his concept of Fundamism to become the Kansas City Royals’ 2016 Fan of the Year, National Speaker and advocate of pediatric cancer research. Leveraging his experience as a Director of Operations for a Fortune 300 company, Paul provides an inspirational experience while sharing best practices in creating a forward-focused, service-oriented, self-disciplined, F.U.N. team. 

Paul’s philosophy of Fundamism is a deliberate approach to building trust-based relationships, can be applied by all staff members and is certain to help move you forward in the development of any team. Based on the core principle of F.U.N., this experience will allow your team to explore their Foundation, Understanding of Others and help identify Next Steps in maximizing their overall effectiveness at work and in life. 

Laugh, learn and actively engage with your team while Paul coaches you through principles that help improve employee engagement, maximize productivity, provide memorable customer experiences, reduce attrition and create a more F.U.N. work environment! This experience will provoke thought while leaving audiences with tactical behaviors that drive results.

Key Takeaways

  • Outline core behaviors that aid in creating a purpose driven life at home and in the office
  • Exploration of social styles and how to maximize communication effectiveness
  • How to gain a better understanding of others’ perspective and drive meaningful interactions - How to have more F.U.N. in the workplace and in life
  • Identify next steps in creating a F.U.N. implementation strategy

Paul Long is a motivational speaker and consultant that has challenged the corporate landscape for over a decade while engaging audiences around the globe. 

Through his concept of "Fundamism," infectious spirit and unique take on F.U.N. in the workplace, Paul has provided memorable experiences for countless engagements including workshops, tradeshows, keynotes and more.

An avid Kansas City Royals fan, Paul was named 2016 Fan of the Year by Major League Baseball and his shenanigans have been featured in media outlets like ESPN, the Washington Post and even the Wall Street Journal.

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