Plant Health Inspector - Grain, Feed & Seed

14 Jul 2017 7:36 AM | Brian Laurent (Administrator)

Plant Health Inspector - Grain, Feed & Seed

$44,532.80 - $58,864.00 Annually  $21.41 - $28.30 Hourly


Job Duties:

This position shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of the OCSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.    ODA bargaining unit members have selection rights before non-bargaining unit members.   All other applications will only be considered if an internal bargaining unit applicant is not selected for this position.


This position has been reposted.  If you have previously applied for this position during the original posting, there is no need to apply again for consideration.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is currently seeking candidates for a Plant Health Inspector position, Grain, Feed, and Seed Section.  The headquarter for this position will be Licking County.  The duties for the Plant Health Inspector position include but are not limited to:
  • Independently examines records and accounts of licensed facilities (e.g., licensed commodity handlers, unlicensed persons suspected of being agricultural commodity handlers) to ensure compliance with Ohio Revised Code 926: ensures proper tracking, record keeping, and handling of commodities (e.g., scale weight tickets, daily position records, grain obligation accounts, delayed price, basis, grain bank, open storage, warehouse receipt, accounts payable/receivable, future delivery contracts, and non grain assets and liabilities)
  • Completes and generates computerized grain examination of licensed commodity handlers through use of grain auditing software
  • Examines records of licensed commodity handlers to assure proper quarterly assessments are paid to indemnity fund and/or examines records and labels of registered seed labelers and other persons selling seed to ensure compliance with Ohio Revised Code 907
  • Audits sales records of registered seed labelers to compare with semi-annual volume sales reports submitted to section office by registered seed labeler and/or examines labels to ensure proper registration of feed or feed products and compliance with Ohio Revised 923
  • Examines records, mixing processes and cleanout procedures of feed manufacturers located within Ohio
  • Performs onsite FDA contract inspections of facilities including bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) inspections and Medicated Feed manufacturing facility inspections
  • Issues violation notices and/or stop sales orders when violations of Ohio Revised Code 907, 923, or 99926 are determined and conducts follow-up inspections and examinations to ensure compliance of these codes
  • Operates state-owned vehicle to transport inspection and sampling equipment to inspection sites and transport samples to analytical laboratory
  • Measures and samples grain for condition in physical storage at licensed facilities: computes volume of grain by measuring air space and calculates inventory by using prepared bin charts and mathematical calculations
  • Obtains grain samples to determine type and condition of grain for grain exam and/or inspects seed lots for registered seed labelers and other persons selling seed to determine proper labeling
  • Pulls random samples of seed and forwards to section office for complete analysis and comparison of label guarantees and/or inspects feed manufacturers and other persons selling or distributing feed to determine proper labeling
  • Pulls random samples of feed including general livestock, pet foods, exotic animal feeds and wildlife fees and forward to section office for complete analysis and comparison of label guarantees
  • Performs other related as assigned: attends hearings and court proceedings as an expert witness when additional compliance of Revised Code 907, 923, 926 is necessary and/or issues grain grading tests to personnel of licensed commodity handlers for Commodity Tester Certification Program; conducts inspections or examinations for other programs regulated by State or Federal law based on contractual agreement with Department of Agriculture


Minimum Qualifications:

Unless required by legislation or union contract, starting salary will be set at the lowest rate of the salary range.  In most cases successful employees will move up a step in the salary range within six months with subsequent step increases occurring every year as supported by successful performance.

Completion of undergraduate core coursework in agricultural field (e.g., agribusiness, agriculture economics, animal science, animal nutrition, agronomy, biology, horticulture, entomology, plant pathology, environmental science); AND 1 year experience in agricultural field commensurate with duties to be performed as described on the approved position description on file; AND 3 months experience in operation of personal computer;  AND valid driver's license


-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications For Employment noted above.

Major Worker Characteristics:

Knowledge of entomology, zoology, botany, ecology, environmental science, natural resources, plant pathology, horticulture, or agriculture, or related field of study; state & federal laws, rules & regulations (e.g., plant pest inspection, quarantine & eradication*, manufacture, storage & use of pesticides & fertilizers, phyto-sanitary certification regulations & standards, grain warehousing, feed & seed); public relations; human relations; interviewing; bookkeeping*; inventory control*; grain warehouse storage methods; algebra; geometry; accounting; economics. Skill in use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) devices *; operation of personal computer/laptop & related software (e.g., ExamHand); use of inspection tools (e.g., magnifying glasses, collection tweezers, aerial digital sketch pads, pruners, saws, staple guns; topographical compass; binoculars; acreage measuring device); use of biological sampling kits; use of weather sampling kits; use of first aid kits; operation of slide projector; operation of 2-way radio; operation of digital camera*; operation of a motor vehicle. Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts & draw valid conclusions; write meaningful, concise & accurate reports; use research methods in gathering data; gather, collate & classify information about data, people or things; proofread technical materials, recognize errors & make corrections; answer routine inquiries from public; handle sensitive inquiries from & contacts with officials & general public; cooperate with co-workers on group assignments; assist with training & mentoring of seasonal workers & new employees; stand, walk & bend to perform inspections; demonstrate dexterity to use hands & feet skillfully (e.g., expose insects); demonstrate agility to climb over & around logs piles, lumber stacks, tree limbs, briars, foliage & brush; hike up & down hills carrying back pack & supplies; climb to heights of 130 feet; demonstrate strength to lift up to 50 lbs.

(*)Developed after employment.

Supplemental Information:

*No attachments will be accepted with this application*

Unless otherwise required by legislation or union contract, salary will be set at the lowest rate of the salary range with gradual increases in accordance wit the Ohio Revised Code.

Training and Development Required To Remain In The Classification After Employment
Must obtain federal credentials commensurate with program area to be assigned as per approved position description on file (e.g., USEPA, FIFRA, FDA, USDA ACO). AND for positions assigned to Grain , Feed, & Seed program:  must master ExamHand Ohio software program and other associated computer applications.

Unusual Working Conditions:
Works outside exposed to varying weather conditions; exposed to pesticides; exposed to machinery, dirt and dust; climbs heights of up to 130 feet; exposed to insects and subject to insect stings, ticks and poison ivy; exposed to angry hostile landowners; required to work in crawl spaces when conducting inspections; requires overnight travel.


The final candidate selected for the position will be required to undergo a criminal background check.  Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position.  An individual assessment of an applicant's prior criminal convictions will be made before excluding an applicant from consideration.

The recommended candidate for this position will be required to take a drug screen as part of their approval process.  A candidate who tests positive for illegal or improperly used controlled drugs will not be hired.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If attaching a document that contains your SSN, please redact SSN before attaching it to your application.

The State of Ohio is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, religion, age, disability or military status in employment or provision of services.

When contacted for an interview, an applicant who requires special accommodations, due to a disability, should notify the office so that proper arrangements can be made.


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