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March Weather Outlook

9 Mar 2018 9:40 AM | Deleted user

Written by Dr. Jay Hobgood, Ohio State University

The average temperature for March will be above normal.  Precipitation will be above normal for the month. 

March could be a stormy month.  A fast west to east flow will blow across the U.S. in the upper levels.  The flow will carry a series of storms across the country.  The temperature will warm ahead of each storm and cool after the storm passes.  The fluctuations will produce numerous swings of temperature, but the net effect should cause the temperature to average above normal for month. 

The storms will pull moist air from the Gulf of Mexico toward Ohio.  Storms will drop precipitation over the state and several storms could produce locally heavy rain.  Snow could fall in some storms, especially over northern Ohio, but most of the precipitation will be rain.  More thunderstorms could occur later in the month when the temperature is warmer.

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